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Each J3 CROSS Depth Charge Combo Pack contains a single GOLD #5 smooth Colorado spinnerbait wire and fork that possesses a circular pressed in locking nut and 3 thumb screws. All are meticulously crafted using stainless steel and outfitted with premium components. The Pack also includes a (GOLD) J3 CROSS Interchangeable “Depth Charge” Bladed Jig attachment which possesses a premium blade and snap link as well as the same fork and circular pressed in locking nut as the spinnerbait wire it is paired with making them fully interchangeable with the J3 CROSS Interchangeable Jig also present in the combo giving anglers the best of both worlds allowing them the option to rig their lure as a bladed jig or a spinnerbait.

***Additional jigs, spinnerbait wires, and bladed jig attachments may be purchased in our Accessories & Attachments section***

Customer Reviews

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Jim Starbuck
Love the flexibility of this bait!

I love the flexibility I get with these baits, the ease of use to switch out the baits is wonderful and the quality of the baits is great.

Recently I was on vacation and went fishing with my Brother-in-law at Sheridan Lake in South Dakota, a lake I have never fished and know very little about other than it has Northern Pike and was really hoping I might get a chance to catch one.

After giving a few crank and swim-baits a go with no luck, I decided I would try the White Chartreuse Jig with the Double Silver Willow a try and I added a Sawamura 4" Winny Shad trailer and four cast in caught this really nice Largemouth (pic attached).

I caught a couple more Largies and decided to switch out the Double Willow for the Depth Charge Blade using the same setup to see how that would work out for me.

After just a few cast in and much to my surprise I caught a 29" Northern Pike, the species I was really hoping to catch as we do not have them at home. Not a monster, but definitely a fish I will remember. I would post a pic but when I went to grab it out of the net with my gripper it jumped out and never got the picture.

Anyway, I just want say that the Depth Charge Bladed Jig not only pinned that really toothy creature perfectly, it handled it with ease. Best part and much to my surprise, I figured that the jig was going to be completely toasted and it showed absolutely no signs of damage at all.

I have to say that I was super impressed after that and will continue to use these baits as they are the best bang for your buck that I have found!!!

Drew B
Epic Bladed Jig

This thing is ridiculously erratic and seems to move and shake whenever it wants to get some awesome bites!

Beau Winn
Great baits!

So I have been using this product for a while now and I have nothing bad to say at all! I’m very happy on how they look in the water and I have caught a lot of fish on this bait!