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The J3 CROSS spinnerbait & bladed jig combo pack by J3 Fishing is the perfect purchase for beginners and seasoned anglers who are curious about the new brand and its revolutionary lure system that is sending ripples through the fishing industry and catching big bass all over the United States.

Thanks to the independent design our baits pivot up and down which allow them to come over hard cover like logs, rocks and stumps naturally achieving a more baitfish-like presentation and wow does it cause the blades to flare. You will not believe it until you fish it, but the independent design also auto tunes as it swims and ensures your bait is swimming in alignment similar to how a truck forces a trailer to drive in alignment with the truck as it is going down the road. No need to go out and purchase costly spinnerbait storage containers anymore, at the end of the day, simply break your spinnerbaits down and store them in the same 3600 series tackle storage box you keep your jigs and square bills in.

All of our combos consist of 1 x modular single gold Colorado spinnerbait wire, 1 x modular gold bladed jig attachment and 1 x modular jig along with a thumb screw to securely fasten components together using finger strength only when threaded through our proprietary fork and into the pressed in locking nut on the opposite side of the fork. Yep, finger strength is all you need to securely join and lock your baits in place. We have also included 2 extra thumb screws in case you lose one.

Whether you are fishing our combo as a rugged .037 stainless steel wire spinnerbait with premium ball bearing swivel and oversized gold Colorado blade that produces hypnotic underwater pulsations that fish can’t help but strike or as a J3 Fishing “Depth Charge” bladed jig with it’s incredibly wicked erratic action that triggers reaction bites better than any bladed jig on the market, this dynamic duo has the power to catch big bass on lake Murray as well as over slot redfish in Tampa Bay and thanks to our J3 Fishing razor sharp hooks you achieve great hooksets that will keep them pinned to the bank or the boat.

No need to go out and purchase costly spinnerbait storage containers anymore, at the end of the day, simply break your spinnerbaits down and store them in the same 3600 series tackle storage box you keep your square bills, jigs, frogs, swimbaits, crankbaits, jerkbaits, wakebaits, buzzbaits, soft plastics, weights, hooks and bobbers in.

Available in 1/2 OZ only and in the following colors:  white chartreuse / white / black & blue / green pumpkin / Hartwell Demon (Fire Craw).

Additional jig weights and colors can be found in the “Build Your Own Bait” section of our store.

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Customer Reviews

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Jim Starbuck
Love the flexibility of this bait!

I love the flexibility I get with these baits, the ease of use to switch out the baits is wonderful and the quality of the baits is great.

Recently I was on vacation and went fishing with my Brother-in-law at Sheridan Lake in South Dakota, a lake I have never fished and know very little about other than it has Northern Pike and was really hoping I might get a chance to catch one.

After giving a few crank and swim-baits a go with no luck, I decided I would try the White Chartreuse Jig with the Double Silver Willow a try and I added a Sawamura 4" Winny Shad trailer and four cast in caught this really nice Largemouth (pic attached).

I caught a couple more Largies and decided to switch out the Double Willow for the Depth Charge Blade using the same setup to see how that would work out for me.

After just a few cast in and much to my surprise I caught a 29" Northern Pike, the species I was really hoping to catch as we do not have them at home. Not a monster, but definitely a fish I will remember. I would post a pic but when I went to grab it out of the net with my gripper it jumped out and never got the picture.

Anyway, I just want say that the Depth Charge Bladed Jig not only pinned that really toothy creature perfectly, it handled it with ease. Best part and much to my surprise, I figured that the jig was going to be completely toasted and it showed absolutely no signs of damage at all.

I have to say that I was super impressed after that and will continue to use these baits as they are the best bang for your buck that I have found!!!

Drew B
Epic Bladed Jig

This thing is ridiculously erratic and seems to move and shake whenever it wants to get some awesome bites!

Beau Winn
Great baits!

So I have been using this product for a while now and I have nothing bad to say at all! I’m very happy on how they look in the water and I have caught a lot of fish on this bait!