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Our J3 Fishing “Depth Charge” bladed jig attachments are constructed with rugged .037 stainless steel and can rapidly receive our proprietary keel shaped jigs that are available in various weights and sizes. Thanks to the through hole design, all you have to do is thread a thumb screw through the fork on the wire and into the pressed in locking nut on the opposite side of the fork using finger strength only. It sounds tricky but you’ll be doing it with your eyes closed in no time and you’ll be fishing and catching mondo bass with the only pivoting, auto-tuning, unpredictably erratic acting bladed jig that produces instant feedback the moment you begin your retrieve so you are able to maximize each cast and entice reaction strikes leaving the competition envious of the bags your weighing in and the checks you are cashing.

No need to go out and purchase costly storage containers anymore, at the end of the day, simply break your baits down and store them in the same 3600 series tackle storage box you keep your square bills, jigs, frogs, swimbaits, crankbaits, jerkbaits, wakebaits, buzzbaits, soft plastics, weights, hooks and bobbers in.

Additional spinnerbait wires in an assortment of colors and configurations along with bladed jig attachments and jigs may be purchase allowing you to build a custom spinnerbait or bladed jig of your choosing. We are rapidly becoming the Build-A-Bear of bass fishing. If that’s not your thing, Pre-packaged combos may be purchased in our websites “Spinnerbait & Bladed Jig Combos” section.

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